Multi-language Email Marketing

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Multi-language Email Marketing


The service that helps you…


Speak your customers’ languages

What services are included in our packages?

  • We create a premium MailChimp account, you will receive a username and a password.
  • Consultation and planning for content creation and sending schedule.
  • Add and upload the client’s contact list (email address) for distribution.          (we start from your existing contacts)
  • Help you to increase contact list, using creative tools
  • Create content, which can be an E-flyer artwork or some custom text and images from your brand. The shorter the better!
  • Content can be multi-language (at a reasonable extra fee) 
  • We provide a report of the email’s feedback 2 weeks after the date it is sent.

Less is more here since you’re trying to get people to visit your site.

With the advantage of our strong translation team, we can provide wide options of languages you want to communicate with your customers from anywhere in the world.

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