Fulfill your senses at Gardens with Alexey Poltavskiy, Gardens Gastronomy Bar

Fulfill your senses
with Alexey Poltavskiy, Gardens Gastronomy Bar


Phuket, Thailand, early April, 2019, we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Gardens Gastronomy Bar, in Phuket Old Town, run by Alexey Poltavskiy, Mixologist and Co-Founder.

There is an interesting story about how everything has come together to finally become this Gardens Gastronomy Bar. Alexey started this career path 7 years ago in Russia before moving to South-East-Asia and launched this new concept with his partner who brought up the idea of the Gardens. The concept of a refined experience evolving all senses gave birth to the Gardens Gastronomy Bar, combining local ingredients, international recipes and great drinks. There were not a lot of rooftop bars in Phuket Town, so this was new territory, born from passion to create this coolest place in town.

Here at Gardens Gastronomy Bar, a great selection of local ingredients is used to create new culinary experiences, based on well-known recipes from around the world, and special drinks.  It’s a big advantage for the business that, in Asia, you can find a lot of fresh plants and herbs, ripe for the new creation of fantastic dishes and drinks. Food brings customers to an all new level. The fusion cuisine combines well with the live music and the cozy atmosphere of the place, giving you an unforgettable dining experience.

Let us bring you to this place!

The building has got 4 floors, with each floor offering a unique experience aimed at fulfilling your senses:

The first floor is a mixology bar with a large counter, where guests can sit down and discuss with the mixologist to Taste great dishes and special drinks made especially for them, or from their prepared menu.

The second floor brings a dining experience with a live band: you can Hear some relaxing music while eating a creative fusion cuisine or sipping a fine drink at the comfortable balcony.

The third floor showcases an open kitchen, where you can Smell and watch what the Chefs are cooking. Guests can discover there how they combine local spices and flavors with international recipes.

Finally, you will find a rooftop bar on the 4th floor surrounded by fresh plants offering a great selection of special drinks and amazing Views on Phuket Town, especially at sunset.

Do not miss an amazing Sipping experience!

After tasting the great tastes of the food, the “must try” experience for you is to get “your own unique drink”. Alex and his team can create almost any creative drink you can think of, as they have gathered an impressive collection of liquids from all around the world.

The owner’s favorite drink is called “the Old Fashioned”. It is one of the very first proper mix he ever tried.  It combines 4 simple ingredients. To me, it represents the true idea of “mixology”, how you can play around combining simple ingredients and make them interesting as a new drink.


These tailor-made special drinks, made with floral and herbal ingredients, are offered to the guests every day and they love it. Basically, you sit in front of the bar and the bartender will ask you four basic questions, such as: “What’s your favorite beverage?”, “Should it be sweet, sour or spicy?” and, after you have given all your answers, a special drink will be created just for you. It’s most certainly a mix that has never been done before and that won’t be done ever again. Smell, taste, colors, this is a truly fantastic experience.

If you are lucky enough to be working locally; employees from Phuket hotels can get 25% OFF the price list, at any time, by just showing their staff card.

“I truly believe in the concept that you have to enjoy every single moment you have in your life” said Alexey Poltavskiy, Mixologist and Co-Founder.

Gardens Gastronomy Bar
Happy Hours every day, from 5 pm – 9 pm.
To fulfill your senses:
Call +66 (0) 62-242-0210
Email info@gardensphuket.com
Follow @gardensbarphuket
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