FONDUE SAVOYARDE – Every Monday, get 50% discount

The Savoyard fondue is back in our promotions at Little Paris

The Cheese fondue is a regional dish of Savoyard gastronomy made with melted cheese and bread.

At Little Paris, we prepare it in the pure French tradition from local products such as Beaufort, Gruyère de Savoie, and Comté de Montagne.

Savoyard fondue for minimum 2 people – 600g
Every Monday, get 50% discount : 649 bahts (price for two or more)
NET PRICE – inclusive government tax
This dish goes perfectly with our restaurant.
Indeed, fondue cheese is a dish that can be eaten with others. It allows you to have a very warm and friendly moment. And since the beginning, we repeat it to you these are our basic rules and for nothing in the world we will not change that!

We love friendly times and we are happy to be able to bring you all together around this! We want you to taste the true values and tradition of France, and it starts with what’s on your plate! As always, we use quality products and above all a know-how of French cuisine that cannot be invented!

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