From Shop set up to after-sales service

Whether you already sell your products online or have products in your stock and on shelves that you don’t want to just leave dusty, we can help you to find more channels to sell them.

On the top popular marketplaces in Thailand, we can help you to set up the shop, update products, suggest warehouse service if needed as well as sales and customer service to complete your orders.

Lazada, Shopee and Line My Shop

One-time service                                                   

Account set up, upload products and store decorations

Monthly shop maintenance

  • Communications service via chats on the selling platforms
  • Make sure all orders are completed (coordinate with shop’ staff/owner)
  • Update current promotions with banners on the platforms. (extra fees for banners’ design may be required)
  • Suggest necessary promotional campaigns to increase the sales on the platforms.


  • Flexible, you can just use us for One-time service to set up everything and safe your time. 
  • Our team can communicate in both English and Thai languages at a professional level.
  • Monthly shop maintenance service, starting from 3 months contract only. For a longer period, we provide some discount accordingly.

Available packages are hourly or monthly

Start from only 53 THB per hour

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About Ocean Fox Media 

A small yet versatile company based in Phuket. Ocean Fox Media provides a variety of marketing services for online and offline marketing strategies. With the tagline, “We deliver the small services to achieve your big goal,” the small marketing company continues to go from strength to strength.  

Ocean Fox Media offers services such as translation, offline advertising, E-commerce services, and Customer service for business. Services provided are both in-house and from an outsourced team, ensuring the highest level of professionalism as well as competent services. Sign up for the company’s newsletter to never miss out on updates or promotions.


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