Ciao pizza and Grill – KARON BEACH, PHUKET

Ciao Pizza and Grill

Pizzas & International Favorite Comfort Foods


Welcome to Ciao Pizza and Grill, THE Pizzeria and Restaurant on Karon Beachfront, Phuket, Thailand! Enjoy great pizzas and many international favorite comfort foods perfect for every people every occasion. Adults enjoy it, kids love it even more. Food is THE most effective sledge hammer for smashing through cultural barriers! That’s why we focus on foods that are great international favorites, especially pizza – the world’s ultimate comfort food.

When dining with us, expect warm, down-to-earth service, cozy rustic Karon beach restaurant atmosphere and most importantly, great pizzas and international favorites that everyone will enjoy. We are also easily accessible by neighboring Phuket beaches like Kata and Patong beach.

what makes ciao pizza good ?

We never rush making the dough!

We never rush making the dough! 90% that makes good pizza happens before baking. It takes 2-3 days to make our dough.

Our oven temparature is above 300C

This is much hotter than almost every pizza ovens and all conventional ovens (almost as hot as the surface of the planet Mercury).

Perfect combination of hot oven + great dough prep

Our pizzas take less than 3 minutes to cook.  The result is a unique pizza crust that is crispy on the outside yet moist and fluffy on the inside.

•Karon Beach, PHUKET (Next to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort)
•Phone | LINE : 063-062-8811

delivery or takeout

We deliver in Phuket through the following 3rd party service providers

*we do not take responsibility for damages to food caused by 3rd party food delivery services


For take outs, call 076 396090 – 3
we will have your food ready by the time you arrive for pickup!

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